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April 22nd, 2010

I hear people all the time say you can’t do this and you can’t do that in social media.  These are also the same people who claim to be experts.  This notion is to say the least frustrating for me. 

Social Media is a new tool and every single day it is changing.  The usage changes, the tools change, and I think the philosophy of the end user is changing.  I hear people say, “Don’t sell”.  These are the same people that are overtly selling.  Isn’t it more transparent to be direct about what you have to offer?  Isn’t Social Media supposed to be just that – transparent?

I also have to wonder about the people that just keep throwing information out there in hopes that someone will bite.  They must have a lot of time on their hands.  I’m not advocating anyone to sell and only sell.  I would say if you have an idea try it.  The beauty of Social Media is that you quickly learn if it works or not.

I must confess I was one of “those people” who said you shouldn’t sell you should offer information and connect with people.  I still do think you should offer up any useful nuggets of information and by all means connect!  I also think there is no harm in selling and this change in my philophy came after doing just that SELLING and seeing an increase in revenues of 20%.

You decide.

2 Responses to “Take your idea for a test drive”

  1. Abhi Patel says:

    On similar lines, I wrote a post for cleaning(JanSan) industry marketing to test drive a new marketing idea using Twitter. hope it helps!

    The Hi-Tech JanSan guy tells their customer – “Just tweet to clean!”

    Twitter is gaining popularity as the #1 communication platform between passengers stranded on airport, to calling a London cab service or children letting their parents know that they are going to return home late. From local restaurants to corporate companies like Dell have started to use Twitter to communicate with customers. Reason – it’s the right place to find people. No one has the time to call/ reply to your email, but sure they will tweet. That makes Twitter a better place to keep in touch with your customers & be remembered when it’s time.

    So next time when you service a customer, be sure to give them your Twitter ID or even print it on your invoice/coupon so that they can follow you & just tweet you when they need you to be around or you can tweet them when you got specials going. A twitter message can reach you as an email or even Text message & you can get it anywhere even while you are on a job via your cell phone. Simple as it sounds! But not to mention powerful, effective and easier to stay in touch with your customers.

    So next time tell your customers – “Just tweet to clean”

  2. admin says:

    Did it work well? The beauty of social media is that you will quickly know if what you are doing is headed in the right direction.

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