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March 28th, 2010

 Giving out details of where and when you might be somewhere is not a good idea.  I learned that the hard way.  I posted on twitter a network event I was going to be attending.  After arriving, a man walked up to me eager to introduce himself.  He was very excited and had that look like “I know you”.  As I do attend a lot of networking events I was struggling to put the face to a name, event or business. Of course, I came up empty which I quickly learned as he announced “AZDealGirl! I’m following you!”. 

I wanted to say “You freak, follow MY tweets dont FOLLOW, FOLLOW me!”  I didn’t say any of that, instead I smiled made small talk and then excused myself.  The entire night I was watchful of his whereabouts and walked out with a group to my car.  He turned out to be completely harmless and for that I’m lucky. 

As a general rule of thumb mentioning vacations, where you are, when you are leaving, and the like are all not a good idea.  Unless, you like being stalked, robbed, etc…

One Response to “Follow me in cyberspace, dont FOLLOW, FOLLOW”

  1. Elaine Spitz says:

    You are very wise to follow your own rules as stated above. I will follow you on Twitter (having found you on a LinkedIn group), but promise not to FOLLOW you. Great info – keep it coming.
    All the best,

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